Our labor department offers different services according to your needs

  • Advice on labor and Social Security in Barcelona.
  • Study, preparation and labor review of payroll, recruitment and Social Security of the company.
  • Study and calculation of the personnel costs of the company.
  • Advice on the different contracting modalities and possible subsidies and / or bonuses.
  • Control and notice of expiration of work contracts, salary variation by seniority, labor category, etc.
  • Study, application and maintenance of the Collective Agreement of the sector, as well as the processing of a copy to the company.
  • Information, processing of notices and informative circulars of normative dispositions, as well as more important jurisprudence in Labor and Social Security matters.
  • Preparation and processing of the affiliation, registration, discharge and variation of the worker before the General Treasury of the Social Security (mod A-1 / A-2).
  • Completion and processing of the high and low parts of I.T. for illness before the Social Security.
  • Calculation and monthly preparation of the official salary receipts, delays due to the application of Agreements and liquidations for dismissal of the worker.
  • Advice and management of deferrals of employer contributions to the General Treasury of Social Security.
  • Monthly preparation of the summary of payroll costs (adapted to the needs of the company) in printed matter or computer support.
  • Quarterly or monthly preparation of the settlement of withholdings for the IRPF and annual summary (model 110 and 190).
  • Preparation of certificates of withholding tax for rent.
  • Preparation of company certificates for requesting workers' benefits (unemployment, pensions, etc.).
  • Labor Inspections. Advice and preparation of documents in relation to what was requested.
  • Assistance to the Inspection on behalf of the Company.
  • Processing of: - Subsidies and bonuses. - Deferments and refunds of fees of the S.S. - Pensions and benefits of the S.S. (retirement, disability, widowhood, orphanage, etc.) - Special regimes (self-employed, farm workers, household employees, etc.) The documentation of unemployment, registration and cancellation of the I.L.T. and of reports of work accidents. - Work permits and residence of foreigners.
  • Autonomous: High, low and variations in Social Security.
  • Pensions: Study, calculation and application of benefits of the Social Security and of the Generalitat (Retirement, Widowhood, Disability, Assistance, etc.)
  • Foreigners: Advice and processing of Work and Residence Permits.
  • Prevention of Occupational Risks: Preparation of files in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks.

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