Our accounting department offers different services according to the profile of each client:

  • Manual preparation of the accounting of your company through the original invoices issued by your company.
  • Remote accounting treatment for those clients who can not move to our workplace or prefer to enter the most basic data of their business. This process is carried out through an Internet platform integrated with our accounting database.
  • We carry out the accounting of your company, at any level, and on any support, or we collaborate with your personnel to carry it out. We train it and control its work.
  • Accounting of companies or individual entrepreneurs who are obliged to carry only the Income and Expense Book, without having to register the collection or payment of invoices.
  • Accounting of companies or individual businessmen that are in direct estimation and that consequently they need that in their accounting the collections or payments are registered and that they need the movements of bank and cash accounts.
  • Accounting of companies with their own entity through Limited, Limited or other legal entities, where their accounting has to register the appropriate legally established records.
  • Preparation of official accounting books.
  • Registration of invoices issued and received.
  • Treasury registry. Detailed analysis of customers and suppliers.
  • Analysis of the different accounting ratios detailing the situation of the company (liquidity, treasury, solvency, etc.).
  • Update of arrears accounts.
  • Comprehensive advice and training of the staff of your company.
  • Situation balances.
  • Balance amounts and balances.
  • Management of the profit and loss account.
  • Comparative study of the income statement.
  • Comparative economic analysis of the workforce.
  • Comparative analysis of the profitability of own funds.
  • Preparation of periodic reports and follow-up at the customer's pleasure
  • Attention and follow-up of accounting obligations as well as preparation of annual account books and other informative documents related to the payment of taxes (VAT, Companies, Personal Income Tax, 349, 347 ...)

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