The 20 websites that every entrepreneur, SME and self-employed must know in 2019

Guide with the best websites for freelancers, businesswomen and young entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses

We find pages on financing, for women, for young people or for technology companies. Then we review and explain the content of the most relevant, with the aim of unifying the most useful websites for these groups.

For businesswomen

Autonomous and businesswomen can find information and advice in the Chamber of Commerce, as well as the possibility of managing offers and demands for business cooperation.

Technological companies

When the company aspires to the digital avant-garde, it can resort to portals such as, whose objective is to support companies that aspire to be in the digital vanguard, creating training and advisory programs for SMEs and entrepreneurs. They can also do so at the website of the Center for Industrial Technological Development, which channels requests for funding and support to R & D & I projects of Spanish companies in the national and international spheres.

On the other hand, there is DaD, which is a Spanish business incubator based on Internet and Technology 2.0 and that supports projects through seed capital. And if needed, the Association of Internet Investors and Entrepreneurs helps to obtain economic resources and access funding rounds.

Self-employed or young entrepreneurs

What options do young people start in the world of entrepreneurship? The School of Industrial Organization has launched the university entrepreneur initiative that shows university students the creation of a company as an attractive alternative to employment for others, while providing them with the necessary tools to study the feasibility of a business idea.

In addition, an Erasmus program is underway for young entrepreneurs that helps aspiring European entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary skills to successfully create or manage a small or medium-sized business in Europe.

Webs for freelancers

Apart from the above options, the self-employed have a freelance portal that offers them a practical guide on the life cycle of the company, as well as the SEPE initiative called 'Empléate'. It is a platform that offers freelancers tools to start a project, a meeting point with investors and the possibility of having a large showcase where to publicize their products and services.

Management and financing

When a company is created, the professional must know management and financing. For this you have several websites that will help you. One is that of the General Directorate of Industry and of small and medium enterprises, which provides information to create, manage and finance your company. There is also an Information Center and Network of Creation of Companies (CIRCE) is an information system that allows to carry out in a telematic way the procedures of constitution and start-up of self-employed and limited companies.

On the other hand, the General Directorate of Industry and of small and medium-sized companies also offers a permanently updated guide with the information of the aids and incentives with an open application period.

The Chambers of Commerce have a single business window that offers free online advice with a response within 48 business hours.

In addition, there is Cevipyme, a support center for SMEs in the area of ??management of Industrial Property, Intellectual Property and Innovation rights.

There is also a European platform called Eugo, which provides information to entrepreneurs in a clear and unambiguous way about the procedures that must be fulfilled before the different public administrations.

In order for the SME to know their situation when they open their doors to the outside world, they can consult the Self-diagnosis website for access to new markets.

If you want to boost the growth of Spanish SMEs, you can access Impulsando PYMES, a collaborative environment where experts from large companies exchange knowledge and share impressions.

Finally, there is a platform, Entrepreneurship is possible, that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit.

To the conquest of Europe

Finally, companies that want to access European markets can be informed through the European Portal for SMEs, the European Network for entrepreneurs, which supports these professionals and Your Europe, your opportunity, which has a practical guide for doing business in Europe. .

Source: Cinco días